Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Holidays and Health

Went to a craft show Saturday
I'll never be too old for a picture with Buddy the Elf and Santa!

It's Tuesday again!  That means another edition of Random Tuesday Thoughts, hosted by Stacy Uncorked.  Come along for the ride and link up your randomness.
For the first time in several years, I'm actually up for Christmas decorating.  The last few years were hard with my mom being gone but I'm making progress.  So much so that I've started decorating before Thanksgiving.  (And, yes, I still plan on stuffing my face full of food on Turkey Day...and being thankful for it!)  What has changed this year is that I won't be buying umpteen gifts for my kids.  They're all older now and it was actually pretty ridiculous with how much I'd buy.  It's a whole new mindset all around this year!

If you browse FB fairly often, I'm sure you've seen the snowflakes made out of hangers.  I took it a step further and made one.  Well, I mean, I showed it to my husband and he made it.  Now everyone's tagging him in hanger crafts.  He's not thanking me so much!

Speaking of projects, my sister and I had a craft day and decorated an old window pane with garland and ornaments.  Now it's proudly displayed in my living room.

And, on another project note, my sister and I decorated mom's gravesite for Christmas.  Wrapped the shepherd's hook in garland and added a wreath.  Even brought her a can of Pepsi.

Traci, Donnie, and myself

My mom's birthday would've been last month.  Keeping up with the annual tradition, I took pics with my sister and brother.  None of them turned out "normal".  My mother was a stickler about pics (no cropping of body parts, look straight, smile right) so we'd razz her with going through a ton of goofy ones before we went with the obligatory "normal" one.  Now, since she's passed away, we get together and do the same.  She's slapping us from Heaven!

I had lab work done the other day.  It was comprehensive enough to require five vials of blood.  It was halfway through the fifth vial that the world started closing in around me and I got super dizzy.  They rushed a reclining chair, orange juice, and fan to my aid before I completely passed out.  First time that ever happened!  
What's your randomness for the week?
Have you started decorating for Christmas yet?


An Apel a Day said...

That's so thoughtful of you to decorate your mom's gravesite! I love it!

I have jury duty next Mon. I'm so nervous...mainly because it's finals time just about! Well that, and getting there and parking downtown!

Then I have this sudden urgency to get a lot of Christmas stuff done! I made 3 batches of cookies last weekend. I have 2 more kinds I want to make. I also have to finish my holiday postcard.

Saqifkhan said...
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Stacy Uncorked said...

Awwww! I LOVE your Santa and elf picture!! Never lose that tradition! :)

I think that's funny your hubby's getting tagged in hanger crafts. He did an awesome job on that snowflake, though!

LOVE what you and your sister did with the window pane!! And how cool you decorated your mom's gravesite, too!

I also love that you and your brother and sister keep up the tradition of taking pics for your mom's birthday - especially goofy ones!

Getting lab work done isn't fun, especially when they drain that much blood! Everything OK?

I used to wait until after my birthday (December 9th) to decorate, so my birthday wouldn't be muddied with Christmas - if that makes sense. Then, as I got older, since I *really* love to deck the halls, I should start earlier so I have enough time to actually enjoy the fruits of my labor. Now I think it adds to the festivity of my birthday, so that's cool. ;) This year I'm behind with work being so busy, then getting hit with a sinus infection over the weekend - but I'm bound and determined to get everything up by the end of this upcoming weekend, mark my words! :D

Renee said...

The snowflake looks beautiful! I bet some tiny white lights would look gorgeous on it too. The window and your mom's grave look festive and great also.
I hope your lab results are what you want to hear. I've never passed out but I'm a hard stick and I've come close when they were digging around trying to find a vein :(

Teresa Halminton said...

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