Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Wordful Wednesday - Our Home

It's been just a little under six months since Jason and I have purchased our first home.  We've rented in several places, but this is the first home that's "ours".

Jason did 90% of the legwork and that's the only reason it all came into fruition.  I don't like dealing with negotiations and tons of paperwork so I let him take control.  That kind of stuff makes me anxious and puts me into a rage.  

front porch

We knew we wanted to live in town and had a certain price range.  The third house we looked at is the one we opted for.  Our home has a small kitchen, two bedrooms upstairs, one bathroom upstairs, and a living room.  Downstairs is our bedroom, another bathroom and a basement.  It'd never get featured on HGTV but I'm very happy with it.

one section of living room wall

We've been blessed to have a great group of people help us move from one house to the next.  I also had several friends help unpack boxes and decorate.  And, we've received many housewarming gifts.  The transition has been smooth.

housewarming gift from a friend

Since moving here at the end of May, we've had more people come over than ever before.  A lot of of it was in the beginning, when people wanted to see the house.  But, it seems, it's been a prime location for entertaining family and friends.

Friend, Erica, digging up weeds
Get you some friends like mine!

Another bonus is that I live only two houses down from my niece and her three children.  The 7 yoa girl and 3 yoa boy are always at my house.  They like it over at "Aunt Terra's".

great-niece, MaKynzee, that has made our place her second home


Julie Waldron said...

Congratulations! We just moved into our first home in April. We lived in a house that belonged to my husbands family's farm, we know live in a brand new home that was built on the family farm.

jjmon2012 said...

Congrats looks like a nice house and it has lots of room for visitors. It would be nice to live close to your nieces.

annies home said...

so happy for you a new home and one close to family oh my to me that is considered a blessing