Wednesday, December 4, 2019

All I Want For Christmas Is My Green Bean Back

taken just a day before his death

In just the few short months I've had Green Bean, I'd become pretty attached.  He was so sprite and full of energy.  His antics entertained me.  Some people say that an animal is just an animal but I disagree.  Green Bean made me smile every single day and my heart hurts right now.  

Green Bean didn't just die peacefully.  He was attacked and killed by a dog.   MY FREAKIN' DOG!  I watched the entire incident.  It was all said and done within five minutes.  It looked like a crime scene, blood everywhere.  I lost my ever lovin' mind so left the room so Jason could handle business.  

Right now I'm in complete shock and sadness.  I don't know why Helen did what she did.  GB was just sitting there next to her.  All good one minute, and all hell broke loose the next.  Helen just turned six years old.  She has had that behavior in the past on a couple occasions with taking the cats and putting them in her mouth, shaking them around.  But she's never, ever left puncture wounds or harmed them.  

I'm seriously at a loss.  I want my Beaner back.  There's plenty of kitties but he was MY KITTY.  And now, I'm going to lose a dog.  I can't keep Helen, knowing she will be provoked without incident.  She will have to be rehomed or put up for adoption.  It all around just sucks.  Somebody wake me from this nightmare.

my bestie with Green Bean on Thanksgiving night


mail4rosey said...

I saw on Insta about your kitty and came over to say I'm sorry. Even worse that it was your dog that did it. A double loss is heartbreaking. :( My MIL had a wonderful dog that was amazing with cats/kittens, but if another dog got near it, it would fight to kill. It was alarming and sad.

Georgette said...

I'm so sorry, Terra. I can't imagine the pain you have been in.

jjmon2012 said...

My heart goes out to you over your lost. You saw to much and then knowing you have to let the other one go. Hang in there and take it one day at a time

Renee said...

Oh no...I'm so sorry. Truly!

An Apel a Day said...

This is so hard! I'm so sorry you went through this!

I belong to a Gecko page on FB. Someone left the lid/screen off their tank. Their cat got the gecko, and killed it.

My friend in KC - dog killed her daughters hamsters. The whole family was in shock.

It's not easy to lose a pet! Nothing will bring Green Bean back. Such a sweetie.

Heather! said...

It is hard to find words to say how sorry I am to hear this has happened. I am appalled and I would be as heartbroken and bewildered as you must be. I actually have a *potentially* similar situation I am trying to work through right now. It's a long story, but the point of it is that I have an adult cat who wants to kill my two kittens. No territorialism or defensiveness, just pure murderous intent. After a few months of thinking I could work through it, I have finally decided that my cat--the adult--must be rehomed. It's better for everybody, including her, but it is breaking my heart.

Terra, this sucks. I'm so sorry for Green Bean, and I'm sorry for Helen, and most of all, I am so sorry for the trauma and loss you are experiencing. I hope you all may find some peace.

Maryann D. said...

I am so so sorry for this horrible nightmare for you. Your kitty was so beautiful and loved. Sending you lots of sympathy and prayers. It is upsetting for all of us animal lovers to hear this news.