Saturday, December 7, 2019

Heck Of A Thanksgiving 2019

cheese and meat tray made by my niece

my granddaughter, Aryana

This year's Thanksgiving went over well.  There was no family drama, the food was good, and there were quite a few people who attended.  It's become a tradition to have Thanksgiving at my niece's home and this year was the same.

me and Jason

my oldest daughter, Shelby 

After gorging ourselves on food, the kids ran around the house while the adults played several games of LCR (Left Center Right) with quarters and lottery tickets.  I won $12 in quarters so can't complain there! 

oldest son and youngest great-nephew
This picture brings me such joy, seeing these two play and laugh together.

Adam in the orange
half the group playing LCR

Best of all (at least to me) my son, Adam, was able to come from Tennessee and spend time with us.  It's hard having him so far away and I'm always stoked when he comes back to visit.

How did you spend Thanksgiving?


Miss Tara said...

She did such an amazing job on that meat and cheese tray! It is so adorable! Happy Holidays! said...

Thanks for sharing about your Thanksgiving! My was great, spent with all the closest family. The 24-pound bird was especially delicious!


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