Thursday, January 16, 2020

Heck Of A Christmas Eve 2019

one of the photo props we took a million pictures with

Yep, it's another Christmas post!  We did a lot this year so I didn't want to cram it all in to one writing.  As with every year, we celebrated Christmas Eve at my sister's home with a lot of food, fun, and gifts. 

This picture resonates to me for so many reasons.  It's my sister consoling my brother's mother-in-law.  She had been quite ill and in the nursing home/hospital for an extended period.  She came home a couple days before Christmas Eve and was so excited to be able to spend time with family.

my lottery ticket winnings

Because our family is so large, each person draws another person's name on Thanksgiving. This alleviates some of the financial burden associated with Christmas, which is especially nice since the free budget template I use never seems to account for the impact of Christmas; but I digress. We then buy that person a gift and give it to them on Christmas Eve.  This year I received a black backpack purse. 

my daughter and her husband

a fancy appetizer plate made by my niece

The adults played several games of Left Center Right.  We've all gotten used to bringing quarters and lottery tickets during family gatherings, knowing we're more than likely going to play LCR.  I won a bunch of lottery tickets but didn't win a bunch of money.  The weather was nice enough that we were even able to hang outside for a bit.


Three of my kids - Logan, Allyson, and Shelby


Renee said...

Your family always looks like they have so much fun together. The pic of your brother's MIL made me teary eyed. So glad she could make it to the festivities!

Jackie said...

Your holiday/family get together pictures always look like a fun time. It's all about family spending time together!

desitheblonde said...

that is great we used to do this and then the way you did the platter is great we would pick how many adult in family and then if you had kid you pick that many kid nothing over 10 dollars it was great then every one bought both set grand parent gifts

jjmon2012 said...

Nice platter going to steal that for next year :-) We go to my brother & sister in laws for all the holidays. They have a big house annd my sister in law is a great cook. It is nice to get together ad make memories. Funny my brother stopped by today and we were talking about Christmas.

Adoring Family said...

Such a gorgeous family! Looks like a blessed time :)