Friday, February 14, 2020

Our Agency Won The Golden Bucket

working the night away

Every year there's a competition among first responders as to who can raise the most money for the Salvation Army's Christmas Campaign.  Whichever one wins receives The Golden Bucket for the year.  This year, 9-1-1/EMA raised the most.  We got The Golden Bucket! (I'd like to say I helped but I'd be lying.  I slept while some fellow co-workers did the work. So, it's them that get the kudos.)

Each agency gets a full day to go out to a specific location and try to bring in money.  Agencies included are 9-1-1/EMA (Emergency Management), local police department, local fire department, and local ambulance service.  Our agency is the smallest but we came away with the most money.

A small ceremony was held at our agency and the announcement was on the news.
#NotBragging #ButBragging