Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Wordful Wednesday - St. Louis Mural Mile

While in St. Louis recently, Jason and I went with two of our friends to check out The Mural Mile.  Located along the Riverfront, the project had more than 250 graffiti artists from around the country add their own designs to this Mississippi River floodwall. 

I appreciate street art, as long as it's not damaging or vandalizing someone's personal property.  We walked up and down the floodwall, picking our favorite pieces. A person could spend several hours taking pictures and posing with all of the artful pieces. 

It costs nothing to visit the art and some of it makes for great photo backdrops.  Based upon observation, I'd say it's much safer to visit during the daytime.  Definitely a fun time!


Laura said...

How creative! I love just looking at the images!