Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Woke Up To A New Furbaby

When we gave Helen to my son, I was't in the least bit in the market for getting another dog.  Cats are more my thing.  Jason would bring it up here and there about getting another canine but I'd divert his attention.

It just so happens that Jason was talkin' to a friend who had some German Shepherd pups for sale.  I wasn't home when the convo took place but Jason messaged me a couple times.  I thought Covert Divert had been accomplished again, but nope!  

Jason woke up up from sleep Saturday afternoon to announce we are the proud owners of a 3 month old German Shepherd.  The blood vessel in my eye immediately burst. I kid you not!  

pic my niece took of her "new fur cousin"

It's been a few days now and things are going better than I thought.  Bristol Wonky Heck is a lovebug that is always by our side.  He's only chewed on one thing (a box) and he does well around people and other animals.  Since Jason decided to get another dog, I will give him kudos for getting one that, so far, has been pretty cool.


Renee said...

Do his ears STAY that way??? Too cute!

Nancy P said...

Very cute doggie!

katy said...

Cute dog, glad he gets along with the cats.

LeAnn Harbert said...

He has the cutest ears. He'll be a big dog if he grows into them.

desitheblonde said...

he be great dog with the kids and then he watch them

Yona Williams said...

Those ears are too much! Dogs bring so much joy to our lives here; I couldn't imagine going through this time without our Rosey.