Thursday, July 9, 2020

Fourth of July Weekend at Woodyz Acres

overly expensive branded silicone cup I purchased because I'm a sucker like that

Happy Easter 4th of July!

Woodyz Acres in Missouri has become a frequent spot for me and my husband this summer.  We've gotten a permanent spot for our pop-up and go there when the opportunity arises.  My husband was actually helping a guy's firework company out by setting off the "big booms" around town so I spent the 4th of July weekend without him.

Tasha playing Bingo. She didn't win but I sure did!

Alyla's hair done up to resemble a star

It was hotter than the 7th Level Of Hades but I had a good time.  Friday evening the campground put on their own fireworks display.  Legit, it was one of the best I've seen!  And, I had great seats.

An acquaintance thought it'd be funny to put a deer head in front of our pop-up, as campground decor.  We rolled with it and bought a patriotic bow for the dandy deer.

Alyla shooting off sparklers

Saturday started off with an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids (yeah, you read that right).  Not sure why it was planned but it kept the kids entertained.  And, they got lots of candy.  Later that evening I was surprised with a visit from my son, Adam.  He lives in Indiana and wanted to surprise me with taking the six-hour drive to see me.  He and I, along with some friends, played old-fashioned Bingo.  I went away with $33 and a Woodyz Acres hat.  After Bingo, we went across the field to watch a fireworks display put on by a group who owns a fireworks stand.  Then Adam left and off to bed I went.

I looked halfway decent on Friday evening.  Saturday the heat turned me into a Hot Mess Express.

My boy came to visit me!!

How was your 4th of July weekend?


mail4rosey said...

Surprise visits are the best. Glad you got to see him, win some Bingo and get some festivities in. The star is super cute in the little one's hair, and you look lovely!

Business Blog said...

Theresa Mahoney said...

How lovely he made that long drive to visit! Sounds like a great 4th. And I LOL'd about the Easter egg hunt. Definitely a great way to keep the kids entertained!

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