Thursday, September 3, 2020

Tribute to my Brother-In-Law


casket built by the Amish, made out of barn wood

Less than two weeks ago, I received the terrible news that my brother-in-law, Dean, had passed away.  I won't get into politics here but his death was ruled as COVID, while we believe it was a heart attack.  Either way, he's no longer with us.

Dean is buried in the same small cemetery as my father and step-mother

Dean was married to my sister for 30 years, meaning I've known the man that long.  He was a country man through and through.  He worked many, many hours in the field or at the Co-op. Dean was a man of few words, but a big heart.

It was like a Thanksgiving feast for an army

My favorite memory of Dean is when I was a teenager.  Me and my niece spent many weekends at his home.  She and I would go places to hang out, then spend the night there.  We were late for curfew one night, and wanted to go out the next night.  Dean's punishment for us being late was for us to wash and wax his combine.  Heather and I spent hours upon hours cleaning that thing.  Once Dean was satisfied, he let us go out again that night.  After that, we were  never late again!

shooting guns at the cemetery

My heart breaks for my sister.  Dean collapsed and died in her arms.  He was her other half and now she's in the family home, alone.  

I was pleasantly surprised at the turnout for the visitation and funeral.  I, myself, waited in line for over an hour and a half just at the visitation.  The Amish and Mennonite even showed up to pay their respects.  Sandy and Dean live in the middle of  God's country and are one of the few "English" folk around.  They made friends throughout the years with the Amish community.

Chemical Sprayer that Dean drove for many years

During Dean's funeral procession, his Chemical Sprayer led the way for "one last ride".  Rifle shots were fired during the graveside ceremony in remembrance.  Dinner afterwards was served at the local fairgrounds.  There was so much food, donated by the church and the Amish.

A good, hard-working man left this earth too soon.  You'll always be remembered, Dean.


Renee said...

I'm sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. What a beautiful rustic coffin and lovely sunflower arrangements--thoughts and prayers for your sister

Claudia said...

I’m so sorry for your families loss.

Brandon Sparks said...

So very sorry to hear about your Brother In Law.. RIP

Sue Hull said...

Hi Terra,
I'm so sorry for your loss. My condolences to you,your sister and family. It's so hard to lose someone unexpectedly. Losing someone anytime is hard, but I think that when they leave this world to soon it hurts more.
Your all in my prayers 🙏 God Bless & Comfort you all

An Apel a Day said...

Aside from politics, covid funerals are so difficult. Many can't go to the funeral, it's hard to hug your loved ones and so on. I'm so sorry for your loss. You've had some great people pass away the last few years. Hang in there!

Theresa Mahoney said...

I am sorry for you loss. The wait for visitation alone is a testament to how much he meant to the community. May he rest in peace.

mail4rosey said...

I am sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. The story about the washing and waxing is a good one. Those kinds of things do stick with us. :) I am glad he had such a great turn out for the showing and funeral.

Magical eyes said...

Wow, this is exactly what I was looking for, and it's a wealth of knowledge!

Sony Pitter said...

I like this article. Don't worry, I'll pass this along to the appropriate people in our organization, and we'll see if it can be included in a future release.