Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Christmas Came With Sickness and Surgeries

Get Well bouquet from workplace 

I know this year has been a turd in a toilet bowl for most everyone.  I've been lucky enough not to be affected by COVID-19 (knock on wood) but my body still brought its fair share of challenges.

The very beginning of August is when my problems started and I'm still fighting them.  I began to have very heavy bleeding and it would be for weeks on end. A pig in a slaughterhouse bled less than me.  Went to a couple specialists who ruled out any kidney or bladder problems.  Then it was on to an OB/GYN.  She did a Pap Smear and noticed abnormal cells so a LEEP Procedure was done.  In short, she went in my lady bits and fried off the abnormal cells she could see and scraped the lining of my uterus.  Wouldn't you know it, didn't help!

In the meantime, because of the horror movie gore going on downstairs, I developed anemia.  So I went in twice for iron infusions.  Not to mention, I've been poked and prodded more times than a pin cushion.  Oh, and I went into the ER once because the anemia was causing me to be lightheaded and dizzy.

iron infusion in the arm

OB/GYN determined I needed a D&C and Hysteroscopy.  Because it's considered a surgery, I had to take the obligatory Corona test and spend three days in quarantine.  Those three days were absolute, pure hell.  I started having what felt like constant labor pains in my abdomen and muscle cramps in my back that would cause me to seize.  I couldn't stand up, sit down, turn around, or go to town.  I cried until my tear wells ran dry.  It hurt so bad I begged Jesus to either take the pain away or let me die.  Some comfort finally came in the form of Tramadol.  

December 18th was surgery day.  The OB/GYN went up my insides and scraped the endometrial lining of my uterus (in hopes of stopping the excessive bleeding).  She also removed a polyp and took tissue in for screening of caner or other disease.  (Still awaiting results).  Recovery was also a MotherEffer.  Blood pressure kept dipping low.  But, after was all said and done, I thought I'd be good to go.

December 23rd rolled around and I went into my regular doctor for a wellness check.  I explained that I still had a lot of bleeding and abdominal pain but it wasn't unbearable like before.  She told me I needed to take it up with my OB/GYN and to make contact with her again after Christmas if things didn't get better.  After crying (yet again), I left.

first surgery

I went home and figured I needed to put on my big girl panties and bear through the pain.  It wasn't an hour later that I got a call from the nurse that my regular doctor wanted me to go in and get an abdominal CT scan.  So, back to the clinic I went.  After drinking water mixed in with yuck stuff, dye was ran through my veins and the scan was done.  I was told I'd get the results in a few days.

Two hours later, the results came in.  The doctor called and said I needed to go to the ER that night.  The scan showed I had acute appendicitis and it needed removed immediately.  It hadn't ruptured but was about to at any time.  Bet you can't guess I started crying again!  My husband was at work and I called to tell him.  I also called my oldest son and bawled to him.  Because of the stupid 'Rona, I wasn't allowed to have anyone there with me.  It was me, myself, and I to go through this.  I went into the ER and they already had a room ready for me.  After a ton of tests, a confirmation from the surgeon, and a short wait for the operating team to be called in, it was time for surgery.  

The surgery itself took an hour and a half.  Again, recovery was crap.  My blood pressure and oxygen levels kept dropping.  Once stable, I went to a regular hospital room.  I will say the entire medical team was Aces.  Christmas Eve morning the surgeon came in to see me.  He said the surgery was a lot more extensive once he got in there.  Not only did my appendix need removed, he also removed an Ovarian Cyst and part of my right fallopian tube because it was plumb rotten.  I also had a small bowel blockage and he had to remove the blockages.  To top it off, several of my organs were so swollen and distorted that he had to sort them out and put them back in the right place.  I was discharged a little before noon.

In summary, I have several upcoming doctor appointments to continue to figure out what needs to be done on down the road.  I'm still waiting on results from the first surgery.  And I will have been off work for 21 days by the time I'm allowed to go back.  On the "glass half full" side of things, it seems I'm finally getting some answers and should be back to "normal" fairly soon.  I was also able to visit with my son at my home, who came in from out of town.  My husband and other son have went above and beyond with helping me.  And, hey, I'm still alive!

So, how was your Christmas?  

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Make Your Pet's Holiday Season Purr-fect with Petmate

FAT CAT Catch Of The Day Cat Toy - Swim Shady

 It’s been a crazy year for your pets, wondering why you’re home all of the time. Whether they’re happy about that (or not!), Petmate is all set to show them a little extra love and care this holiday season with the paw-fect holiday gifts! With some of their beloved favorites, and a few newer items for them to wag their tails over, Petmate is excited to share some of its top holiday toys and essentials to fill your Holiday Gift Guide! 
FAT CAT Lappy Toppy Cat Mat

 Top gifts this Holiday season:

WonderSnaxx NutterZ & SuperSnaxx Nutterz: The new “must have” for chew time, combining two dog favorites into one treat: beef hide and real creamy peanut butter. Dog’s get lip-smacking, mess-free goodness while their parents get peace of mind.

Tumble Teez ™: Designed to sporadically dispense treats as your dog plays with the toy. This challenging puzzle dog toy is designed to keep your dog engaged and makes treat time last longer.

FAT CAT The Buck Family Dog Toy: Your dog's going to have some frolicsome fun with this crazy family of Hooved Hooligan plush dog toys. Made with a strong canvas material, all 3 members of the FAT CAT® Buck Family feature maximum Floppability® parts that flip and flop around as your dog gets crazy during play.

Trader Jimmy hanging out on the FAT CAT Lappy Toppy Cat Mat

 FAT CAT Lappy Toppy Cat Mat: This large cat mat is made from durable canvas and filled with fluffy foam and organic catnip that kitties love rolling around and laying on. You can lay it down flat, or flip it open like a real laptop for your cat to lounge and nap on.

 JW Wool-ee Crawler Telescopic Cat Wand: This deluxe wand features an upgraded telescopic design that extends up to 4 feet for play, and then easily contracts for compact, organized storage. The segmented felt crawler attachment at the end of the wand gives your cat a life-like capture experience as you make it slither across the floor.

 FAT CAT Catch Of The Day Cat Toy: Available in two mischievous characters, Swim Shady and The Cod Father, both are stuffed with 100% organic Zoom Around the Room® catnip that'll drive your kitty bonkers.

How many dogs and/or cats do you have?  Which of these products would they like this holiday season?

I received products in exchange for this post.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

2020's Gag Gift - Toilet Paper Christmas Gift

 I was browsing through Pinterest and found a fun Toilet Paper Christmas Gift to make.  The original post was from an Etsy seller, but the product is no longer available for sale.

All you need to make this fun gift is tissue paper, toilet paper, twine or ribbon, and a printout of the poem.

Money is scarce,
And times are hard.
So I'm giving you this 
Instead of a card.
Something to use,
And something to share.
So...bottoms up.
Just know I care.

Easy-peasy!  And quite appropriate for 2020!

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Friday, December 4, 2020

Allyson's Baby Shower

Allyson and the baby's daddy, Russ

 I suppose I can make it official now: My oldest step-daughter is going to have a baby!  Due to some circumstances, it has caused a little strife between people but I'm personally happy for her and am excited that my first grandson will enter the world at the very beginning of February.

me with two of my co-workers, Rebecca and Alexis

Baby Bumps!
To the left is my sister-in-law, who had her baby just two days after the shower.  Won't be long before Allyson's belly is about that big.

Allyson's mom is hosting a baby shower for her in a couple of weeks but I hosted a small one in my home in November.  I had family and friends over to shower Allyson with gifts and love.  We played a few games, Jason made chili and appetizers, and all guests brought diapers and books, in addition to gifts.  

Cookies were made by my co-worker, Rebecca.

First Winners for December

 A few of my giveaways have ended and the winners have been randomly drawn.

The winner of the Charlie's Christmas Wish DVD giveaway is #29, starzine.

The winner of the River Otter's Adventure book giveaway is #20, Carolyn Daley.

The winner of the Illumination Presents: 10-Movie Collection Blu-ray giveaway is #70, Grammy Mouse.

Congrats to the winners and thanks to all who entered!