Friday, December 4, 2020

Allyson's Baby Shower

Allyson and the baby's daddy, Russ

 I suppose I can make it official now: My oldest step-daughter is going to have a baby!  Due to some circumstances, it has caused a little strife between people but I'm personally happy for her and am excited that my first grandson will enter the world at the very beginning of February.

me with two of my co-workers, Rebecca and Alexis

Baby Bumps!
To the left is my sister-in-law, who had her baby just two days after the shower.  Won't be long before Allyson's belly is about that big.

Allyson's mom is hosting a baby shower for her in a couple of weeks but I hosted a small one in my home in November.  I had family and friends over to shower Allyson with gifts and love.  We played a few games, Jason made chili and appetizers, and all guests brought diapers and books, in addition to gifts.  

Cookies were made by my co-worker, Rebecca.


An Apel a Day said...

Congrats to the new family addition adding soon. Love the cookies.

katy said...

Congrats to your sister-in-law, your step-daughter and you and your husband. A new baby will heal family differences. The cookies look like they were made by a professional.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Congrats! A baby is a blessing ♥

mail4rosey said...

Diapers and books are awesome to bring. Love the cookies. And LOL to the baby bump picture. That's cute. Congrats on being an almost gram. My second favorite job in the world. :)

Sue Hull said...

Hi Terra,
Congrats to all of you! Being a grandma is the best. My granddaughter is 6 and my daughter is pregnant with another girl. I pray everyday for my daughter & her fiance to get married. They've been together 12 1/2 years. God Bless you & your family. Congrats grandma 💚