Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Logan's College Graduation

You have no idea how hard it is to get Logan to take pictures of his own for any darn thing.  I got lucky that he came by the house beforehand and let me take a few pics. 

 Logan, my oldest son of the two, graduated college a couple weeks ago.  His major is Human Services and minor is Psychology.  Four years of hard work have paid off!

I know I'm bias (but I think I'm right) :  Logan is one of the most selfless, loving people I know.  He gets along with most everybody and has so many genuine characteristics.  He's not sure where he's going on from here.  Right now he's busting butt as a bartender at Texas Roadhouse and landscaper at a local business.  

It was Henry's first graduation ceremony to attend.  He did so well. 

Logan and Trader Jimmy are best buds.  Logan swears that he's gonna take the cat with him when he gets his own place.  We'll see about that!

It has taken a small village to raise Logan.  He's super smart and super caring but also super forgetful and has a lot of questions about life in general.  For the last two years he's lived at my husband's ex's house.  Back in the day I would've had qualms with that but she's like a second mother to him and has been fantastic with helping raise him into the amazing man he is today.

Logan's Bachelor's degree.  They did a generic form for all graduates, but he should be getting the real deal sometime soon.  

The ceremony itself was divided into three graduations.  Logan's was allotted for the 2 pm time slot.  Due to the pandemic, people had to wear a mask and only six people could attend for each graduate.  I'm totally okay with that!  Made it last a lot shorter than usual.  

It always cracks me up seeing Logan and Allyson together, with their huge difference in height. 

I have no doubt that Logan will do great things in life.  He's one of my favorite people to hang around and be with, and I'm super proud of his accomplishments. 


Sparkles and Lattes said...

Congrats Logan! that is an amazing milestone!

Helga said...

Congratulations! What a blessing and the beginning of a new chapter.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Congratulations to Logan. Hard work has certainly paid off for him. My daughter just graduated college this month as well. She, unfortunately, did not get to walk since Purdue canceled the ceremonies because of covid. She'll just get her degree in the mail sometime in June. Super proud of all of the kids who toughed it out and still graduated during these ridiculous times we're living in right now.

An Apel a Day said...

That is wonderful. It helps that employment is opening up.

An Apel a Day said...

That is wonderful. It helps that employment is opening up.

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