Saturday, May 22, 2021

Mother's Day and Baby Dedication

Henry with his momma, Allyson

Mother's Day this year wasn't extravagant or over-the-top but it was one of my favorites yet.  It started out with attending church and watching my grandson, Henry, be dedicated.  Basically, it means his parents have publicly announced they will raise Henry the best they can in the eyes of God.  Immediately after, we gathered together for a small luncheon at the church.

I was happy to be there, but not too excited about the weather.

Within the last 6 or 7 years, Jason's ex and I have gotten along quite well.  The days of drama are behind us and it feels good to be in the same company as her without any awkwardness or pettiness.  The luncheon was hosted by Jason's ex brother-in-law and it was mainly the ex's family there.  It's nice to be at a point in time where all our kids can be together, without worrying if it's going to upset one parent or another.  The weather was colder than a brass toilet and the wind wasn't forgiving, so I spent some time trying to keep from exposing my neither regions while wearing a dress when I was outside.
Zebediah kept Henry entertained during lunch

Baby Dedication certificate

another of my super cute grandson

Logan took me out to eat at a Mexican restaurant the next day.  Low-key and simple, with a heart full of joy.

How did you spend Mother's Day?