Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Baby Shower for Grandson-To-Be

Diamond Painting I crafted and my husband framed that we gifted to Nicole

Sometime in October I will be welcoming my second grandson into the world, Waylon Eric.  To celebrate, I held a low-key baby shower for mama-to-be.  My son was unable to attend because he was at work, but it was still a nice gathering.

Allyson and I planned the baby shower with a cactus/southwest theme.  Another friend recently had a shower in her honor and offered for us to use her decorations.  So, we scored on that front.  We also lucked out in that the venue didn't cost to use.  We used the annex building behind the church.

Nicole with a set of onesies she received

As far as food, we set up a nacho bar that included tortilla chips, cheeses, sauces, chopped burger, and beans.  Baby Mama didn't want a cake or cupcakes.  Her request was brownies and fruit salad.  Easy enough!

Logan was one of the few guys that attended and he won the jar of Hershey's kisses by guessing the closest amount in the jar.

The games were simple and quick.  We did a Baby Words Unscramble game, Match Baby Animals to their Mama game, and a Guess How Many Kisses in the Jar game.  Afterwards, Nicole opened her gifts.  

It was simple, yet fun.  And baby Waylon was graced with many gifts.  Can't wait till he gets here!


royalhoneykingvip said...
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Lauryn R said...

Congratulations! This sounds like the perfect baby shower for mama to be and baby! I love the unique theme, and brownies and fruit salad sound delicious!

bellagirl07 said...

Looks like a great shower. I LOVE the picture that you made.
Heather hgtempaddy

Janet Boyanton said...

You will love being a grandmother. All the fun and then you give them back!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Congrats! The shower looks like it was a success. I think I would have preferred brownies over cake as well!

Nancy P said...

Looks great. Congrats!