Thursday, October 14, 2021

Introducing My New Grandson, Waylon

He has some of the longest legs I've seen on a newborn.  His daddy (my son) is 6'4" and I almost bet Waylon's going to be tall too.

I was blessed to become a grandma in January and now I'm blessed to have another grandchild.  Waylon Eric was born October 2nd, four weeks early.  Even though he's a little guy, weighing just a little over 5 pounds at birth, he's doing great.

I was able to see Waylon for the first time yesterday, at 11 days old.  I'm so in love and can't wait to see this little guy grow.

I won't blast out the specifics, but my son will be seeing his son for the first time this Saturday.  Adam lives five hours away and wasn't able to be there for the birth of the baby.  I have no doubt Adam and Nicole will be great parents but I'm not so sure they thought the whole thing through ahead of time.  It's one of those "Hey, let's hook up and have sex.  Then I'll go home and you stay in Kentucky.  In the meantime, let's squabble about which one of us is moving so we can effectively co-parent."  Urgh! 


Speaking of grandsons, Henry is 9 months old now!  He's crawling like a champ and looooves food.  He has no teeth yet but likes to smile and show off his gummy grin.