Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Heck Of A New Year - 2022

I semi-sorta dressed up for the evening.
playing a Saran Wrap Ball game

New Year's 2022 was a blast!  It was low-key, with several campground friends.  Woodyz Acres owners have a large home not far from the campground and invited us over.  Kasi and Marty are some of the nicest, most fun people you'll ever meet but not a lot of people have been in their home, so it was cool to hang out with them for the night.

Before we went to their house, a few of us got together beforehand at another friend's place for a few drinks and to get ready.  I curled the hair for myself and two others.  Jason went all out, dressed as the New Year's Baby.  Notice his glasses are the wrong year!

Their bonfire was contained in an old washer.  #Upcycling

While at Kasi and Marty's place, we gorged ourselves on a spread of food, played several Saran Wrap Ball games, set off fireworks, played Left/Right/Center, shot off confetti streamers, and sat around a bonfire.  

some of my Saran Ball loot

These were the fireworks set off at midnight.  Many more were shot off before and after.

We all set off for Tammy and David's around 1 am, with our DD.  Jason and I spent the night there, and headed home the next day.  Good times!

I can't go without mentioning it was Bristol's second birthday on New Year's Eve.  We brought him with and he behaved quite well.  

How did you celebrate the New Year?  


mail4rosey said...

Bristol is a beauty. Glad you had a nice time with your friends. The washer is cool!! Have a wonderful new year.

Theresa Mahoney said...

A great way to ring in the New Year it seems. We did a saran ball this year too. So much fun! Hope your 2022 is a great one!

Jenny Evans said...

Washing machines used to be so tiny!