Monday, April 4, 2022

My March Amazon Prime Purchases

 In the beginning of March, I did my best to only purchase items off Amazon that I really needed.  Towards the end of the month, I kinda went wild and bought more than I should have.  Here's some of what I received in March:

I know it's nowhere near Christmas but I purchased these because they were on sale one particular day.  I've put them in my "gift closet" to give to kids during the holidays.  I'm very impressed with the quality and size of these pop fidget toys.


My husband, bless his heart, isn't the best at sealing bags back up once he's opened them.  For instance, I purchased a bag of mixed vegetables and he opened them.  After he was done, he put the bag back in the fridge but didn't ensure it was tightly sealed.  So, as a solution for mixed vegetables, I ordered this food storage container.  It has a vacuum seal lid to ensure veggies and other foods stay fresher longer.  And, it heightens the likelihood that Jason will make sure the lid is closed.


Camping season officially started last weekend.  Jason and I purchased a new (to us) camper a few months ago and I needed a new shower curtain for it.  I decided the bathroom theme would be gnomes, so I went with this shower curtain.


I've become a fan of backpack purses and only sport that style now.  My last purse got doused in soy sauce (long story!) so I needed a new one.  After looking on Amazon for what seemed like hours, I finally settled on this one.  When it came in the mail, I was very impressed with the quality and all the features but it was much to large to carry around as a purse.  So, I've decided to use it as my work bag to store my iPad, folders, and work papers. 


My son, Logan, and his woman are expecting a baby in July.  I'm co-hosting a baby shower sometime in May and have been purchasing baby gifts here and there for the couple.  This cute patterned gift set caught my eye and I think they will really like it.


Because the first backpack was too big to use as a purse, I purchased this one to use instead.  It's a tad bit smaller than what I envisioned but it works for all of my stuff.  Plus, it's super cute.

I bought a few more things in the Month of March, but these are the big items.  What have you purchased from Amazon lately?  Since I'll be hosting a baby shower soon, have any ideas on fun and/or original games to play?


jjmon2012 said...

You have some great things here. I think the POP IT would be the best! My great niece LOVES them and wants ever different one she sees

Sue Hull said...

Hi Terra,
I'm a amazon addict. I spend to much money. I've gotten better though. I buy all my necessities there plus snacks & some food. I haven't bought myself a color book for 2 months.I bought one for my daughter. May is my granddaughter & my nieces bdays. Plus Mother's Day. This month is Easter.August & Sept are the only months with no bdays. For a long time I was spending way way to much. I had to stop. I like the container to keep veggies air tight. Your backpack purse is really cute. Happy Shopping 🛍

Sparkles and Lattes said...

My coworker has that backpack and loves it. I need to get things like the Christmas pop its and hide them away too.