Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Father's Day 2022

Jason and Allyson

Father's Day this year was pretty low-key but we had a great time being with family and friends.  Jason's oldest daughter, Allyson, invited us over for a cookout of grilled steak, corn on the cob, cookies, baked potatoes, and watermelon.
Has a glare from the sun, but this is Jason's gift from Henry.

Allyson and Russ purchased their first home less than a month ago and it was my first time seeing the place.  Must say, they did well!  

Henry chowing down on some food.

We got to spend some time with our grandson, Henry.  He's growing so quickly. (Make it stop!)  Russ also had his daughter, Ginny, there.  Russ' father and grandfather also stopped by to eat.  So did Allyson's bio mother, Amanda.  It took several years for us to be able to get together and do things with Jason's ex.  But we've all grown and matured.  I get along quite well with Jason's ex and it's nice that Allyson can have an event with both her mother and step-mother there.

Russ and Ginny

Jason received a framed photo of Henry's daycare picture.  Of course, I was excited about it too.  Jason received some new boxer briefs and spices/seasonings from me.  

My father passed away in 2005 so Father's Day is somewhat bittersweet for me.  But spending time with people I love while eating great food made it a perfect day.

Jason and Henry spent some time "squirrel hunting" and Jason taught Henry how to make squirrel sounds.

How did you spend Father's Day this year?


Theresa Mahoney said...

That's nice that everyone could set aside their differences and have a good time together. It looks like a great Father's Day for everyone. Your grandbabies are getting so big. Time really does fly!