Monday, June 13, 2022

Life Lately - Sinus Infection and Baby Shower


The past few days have been hell.  I'm just now feeling semi-sorta normal again.  I came down with the worst sinus infection I've ever had and it knocked me on my arse.  I went to the Walk-In Clinic twice, once on Thursday and again on Sunday.  After having three shots in the butt and enough meds to fill a pharmacy, I'm finally getting on the upside of things.  I was coughing and throwing up so much that I could barely speak; I was losing my voice.  I pissed myself every time I coughed, so you can imagine how many pants I went through.  I'm sure stock in Kleenex went through the roof.  Good times!

Funny side story:  One of my antibiotics came with a verbal warning from the nurse..."Don't run with these pills. Could cause appendix rupture.." Good thing I don't run, and don't have an appendix!

Sabrina and Winston

Last Sunday I held a small baby shower in my home for my son, Logan, and his lady, Sabrina.  Of course, Winston had to be there to support his human brother.  It was a co-ed shower with about 15 people in attendance.  Sabrina is due at the end of this month, and I'm more than excited to have another grandson to spoil.
None of my numbers got called!

Last month I went to Quincy Quarter Madness with my friend, to support Special Olympics.  I can't explain exactly how it works, but the main gist is that you purchase paddles with numbers on them.  Then there's a huge list of donated items.  If you want to bid on that item to win, you put in the requested amount of quarters.  I lost a bunch of quarters that night, but won a good time.
me and Rebecca at Quarter Madness

When me and Rebecca went on vacay, we ordered Starbucks drinks on our way out of town.  I'm thinking I should be salty that her sticker said "You're the Best" and mine said "Keep Trying".  

This Side X Side is going to be the death of me.  Jason has a stiffy for taking it out on the trails at camp.  That's all fine and dandy; I don't even mind going with once in a while.  But, him and his buddies ride it so hard that it either comes out looking like it's been immersed in mud (cuz it has!) or a part breaks and we've gotta buy a new one.  I can't...I just can't.
How have you been lately?  
Have any fun summer activities planned?