Monday, July 18, 2022

Fourth of July at Woodyz Acres

Would it be a shocker if I said I spent 4th of July weekend at Woodyz Acres?!  Seems I'm there quite a bit during camping season.  This is my third year being there for the festivities and activities.  This one was the best yet.

son, Adam

The campground was packed to the gills with regulars and overnighters.  We had our usual crowd of around 20 people in our group, including some visitors.  Meals were a big deal, with lots being cooked on the charcoal grill and Blackstone.  

Jason cooking breakfast on the Blackstone

I even got a nice visit from my son, Adam.  He's out of commission for the next few weeks due to a broken foot (more on that in a later post) so he stopped by to hang.  It sucks that he's out of work but I've been getting to see a lot more of him lately.

sportin' my red, white and blue tee

Jason was actually not around on Sunday night.  We was in town shooting off the big booms with a professional company at the Country Club.  So, me and Adam hung out by the pool and watched fireworks together.

Other than the fireworks show (which was spectacular, by the way) we played Cornhole tournaments, played several games of Bingo, and indulged in a few drinks.  I've been on a Bloody Mary kick lately and found some Bloody Larry Mix (from Larry the Cable Guy) on sale and he definitely Got 'R Done.  It's one of my faves by far.  

Hibachi made on the Blackstone with shrimp, steak, chicken, rice, and noodles.

All in all, it was a successful weekend!  How did you celebrate 4th of July?