Friday, December 3, 2021

The Jesus I Know - Book Review

On Sale: 2021-11-30

Pages: 224

List Price: $26.99

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Kathie Lee Gifford talks faith with celebrities, entertainers, and spiritual leaders in new book, The Jesus I Know, now available for purchase.

Former Today show host Kathie Lee Gifford has, for decades, had deep conversations about her faith with anyone who is interested in talking about it. What she discovered early on is that most people want to talk about Jesus: atheists, agnostics, Scientologists, Catholics, Baptists, Pentecostals, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Hindus alike. While some do not share her belief that Jesus is the Messiah, they nonetheless have a universal fascination with Him.

In The Jesus I Know: Honest Conversations and Diverse Opinions About Who He Is, Kathie Lee has assembled a diverse collection of conversations about Jesus, ranging from avowed Christians to those more casually interested in Jesus’ example of living. She begins The Jesus I Know by sharing her earliest memories of Jesus’ role in her life, and often returns to the topic as she asks artists, actors, and faith leaders about their relationship with Him, including such names as journalist Megyn Kelly, actress Kristin Chenoweth, and musician Brian Welch.

“Many are still struggling, just like I am, to overcome our weaknesses, unhealthy dependencies, bitter memories, or deep- seated disappointments,” said Gifford. “Some have suffered through trials and tribulations. Others have dreams that have not yet come true, and many of their questions remain unanswered. No matter where my friends are in their own spiritual journeys, they joined me in my favorite cozy chairs while I asked them, ‘What does Jesus look like to you right now?’”

Publishers Weekly notes that, “Gifford emphasizes the individuality of each person’s story and stresses the diversity of God’s kingdom. She discusses with architect Roger Charles how his  attempts to affirm atheism led to a surprise faith, how ‘trying to keep God in my life’ allowed Kris Jenner to overcome the death of her husband, and the long-term process of healing from sexual abuse with actress Cynthia Garrett. Gifford’s probing interviews consistently surprise, entertain, and do a great job of locating themes of personal faith among figures working in industries known for secularism.”

In The Jesus I Know, Kathie Lee presents captivating conversations about a singular Man who lived more than two thousand years ago, never traveled more than one hundred miles from where He was born… and yet managed to change the entire world in His short thirty-three years of life.

“These are people God brought into my life, and they mean a great deal to me for many reasons,” said Gifford.  “Each one has a profoundly personal and powerful story to tell about Jesus, a story that cannot be tied up neatly with a bow. Why? Because their stories aren’t finished yet. Neither is mine, and neither is yours. If we are still breathing, we’re not done yet; it’s as simple as that!”

My Review:

I remember watching Katie Lee Gifford alongside Hoda Kotb when they cohosted the Today show.  I can't say I was a fangirl, but respected both women for their entertainment value.  

I was excited to read Kathie Lee Gifford's newest book, The Jesus I Know, and had it finished in just a few days.  I liked how the stories were done in interview form, with Kathie asking the questions and people answering them.  In this book, Kathie talks to 23 people and asks about their journey in faith.  She delves into the topics of how someone was raised in the church, what moments made them question or firmly believe in their faith, personal hardships a person has went through, and more.  Each story is almost like sitting in on a conversation between two people and learning more about them.  People of different professions and different walks in faith are featured in this book.  Kathie does a good job of engaging conversation and I enjoyed learning about each person's version of Jesus.

I received book for review.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

Monday, November 22, 2021

Get Meats, Seafood, and Sides Delivered To Your Door with Crowd Cow

I've tried a handful of food delivery subscription boxes in the past and I've been happy with all I've received so far.  One that I recently came upon is Crowd Cow, a food delivery company that offers over 600 meats, seafoods, and sides.

I found out about Crowd Cow via an ad on Facebook.  We all know those ads aren't always on the up and up, so I did a bit of research before ordering.  Turns out, Crowd Cow is legit. 

Customers can confidently purchase meat and seafood from the very best independent and sustainable sources with Crowd Cow’s flexible, completely customizable recurring shipments.  The company offers beef, pork, chicken, seafood and wagyu from sources personally known with the highest regenerative and ethical standards. Every product on Crowd Cow is raised without unnecessary antibiotics or any added hormones and is taste-tested by experts.

Every customer gets the option at checkout to make their box a recurring delivery or get it one time.  So, you can get a box of food every month or make it a "one and done".

I like seafood but am not great at cooking it, so I didn't purchase any from Crowd Cow.  And, to be honest, wagyu is a little above my spending budget.  So, for my food box, I ordered ham, chicken, beef, and sides.  Jason and I have thoroughly enjoyed the food and consider it to be high-quality.  I'll definitely be ordering from Crowd Cow again!

If you're interested in ordering from Crowd Cow and discovering a variety of good meats and meals, you can receive $100 of free meat plus free shipping.  I will receive referral credit for it.  I tried the offer myself and was able to get a good amount of meat and sides at a great price.  

For the first box you order, you will receive $50 of free food.  The second box after will get you $30 of free food, and the third box gets you $20 of freebies.  You even get to choose what you want.  For instance, I created an account and added a little over $100 of food to my cart, and the discount then automatically applied.  I seriously recommend it; I don't think you'll be disappointed!

This post contains a referral link.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Check It Out: #MacysForTheHolidays Giveaway

Win a $100 e-gift card from Macy's. is giving away five $100 e-gift cards to spend at Macy’s!

Giveaway ends on Sunday, November 21st at 11:59 PM PT.  Five (5) winners will receive a $100 e-gift card to spend at Macy’s.

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Halloween Weekend at Woodyz Acres

 Sad to say, Halloween weekend was the last for the season at Woodyz Acres.  The campground is closed down for winter season and we won't be going back until April.  I've made so many friends and memories this past year, and I can't wait to do it again in 2022. 

Brandon and Dalton 
(aka, Gucci and Gnomie)

Amanda and her "date"

The 30th, several campers got together to celebrate Halloween festivities at the campground.  We dressed up, handed out candy to over 300 kids, and gathered for a community wienie roast.  

Just some of the loot I handed out.

I ended up grabbing a hot dog stick by the metal prongs and burnt the hell out of four of my fingers.  They finally healed up just a few days ago.  (Don't try that one at home, kids!)

Jason sat on the back of the golf cart during trick-or-treat time and scared the bejesus out of several people.

Me dressed up in a mish-mash of clothing.

Two of my sisters even came to stay Saturday night at one of the cabins.  It was fun having them around to hang and play. 

Sister, Sandy, dressed as a scary gnome.

sister, Traci

an inflatable that I found for a great price on Amazon

Until we meet again Woodyz Acres....Until we meet again.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Winter Wonderland - Children's Book Review and Giveaway

Book Synopsis:

Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Winter Wonderland continues the story of a little Italian Greyhound with three legs who is adopted by a loving family in the first book in the series, Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Home. Her adventures continue in Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Friends, where Miss Olive encounters bullying and learns that her superpower is kindness and finds true friendships. In the third book in the trilogy Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Winter Wonderland, Miss Olive wonders about the true meaning of the holidays, discovering the greatest gift of all is the joy of being with her “furever” family and friends and sharing the joy of the holidays with others. Miss Olive is delighted to discover that she not only has a “furever” home with “furever” friends, she also learns the true meaning of joy during the holidays.

Written by Susan Marie, this book is the third in the Miss Olive trilogy in The Doggy Diva Diaries, which is recommended for ages four through nine.

My Review:

I was introduced to the 'Miss Olive' books in 2019 when the first one was released.  Back then, I was impressed with the illustrations and writing style.  The same can be said for the second book, and now the third.

A hardcover book with cutesy illustrations, Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Winter Wonderland is the third book in the series.  It's a perfect read for the winter/Christmas season.  Told in rhythmic form, Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Winter Wonderland tells of Miss Olive being excited about the holidays and all the joy it brings.  Miss Olive and her mommy decide to take special gifts to the animals at Hannah's Loving Pet Rescue, where Miss Olive herself was rescued.  Miss Olive is oh-so-happy to bring joy to the other animals, and even happier when she knows she will always have a "furever" family.

Learn more about author Susan Marie, Miss Olive, and Miss Olive's book trilogy by visiting

Win It!

One person will win a hardcover book copy of Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Winter Wonderland.

*This is a Rafflecopter giveaway open to residents of the USA.*

I received book for review.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

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Fright Nights for Honor Flight

My sister was very crafty and turned ordinary objects and dolls into scary props.

My great-niece, MaKynzee, took her role of zombie quite seriously.

During one of the weekends in October my sister turned her backyard into a Yard of Horrors, as part of the Fright Nights for Honor Flight.  Fourteen houses in town participated.  Spectators could drive by and see the scenes, then put in a donation to go towards Honor Flight.  My sister upped the ante by allowing people to walk through her yard for extra scares.  

Great-nephew, Harley, also played the role of a zombie.

one of the backyard scenes

one of the many animatronics on display

I helped by dressing up as a zombie and walking the sidewalk, encouraging people to stop and enter.  For those who dared, they were greeted with scary scenes and props.  They were also chased by zombies and men with chainsaws.  There were quite a bit of screams!

a table set up with scary props

me in full makeup

Fright Nights for Honor Flight has become an annual event to raise money for Honor Flight.  The mission of Honor Flight is to transport America’s veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit the memorials dedicated to honoring those who have served and sacrificed for our country. ​Our community is very dedicated to making sure our area veterans are able to participate.

My oldest daughter stopped by to see the scenery.

My favorite holiday + Getting to scare people + Helping a good cause = One ghoulishly fun night!

Monday, November 8, 2021

PAW Patrol: The Movie - Blu-ray Giveaway

Get ready for PAW-some action and a PUP-tastic adventure when PAW PATROL: THE MOVIE™, from Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon Movies and Spin Master Entertainment, became available to purchase on Digital* September 21, 2021 with exclusive, never-before-seen bonus content from Paramount Home Entertainment.  In addition, the film arrived on Blu-ray & DVD November 2, PAW-fectly timed for Thanksgiving family viewing or holiday gift-giving.

“Filled with non-stop adventure, action, and heart” (Kami Allen, The Momma Diaries), PAW PATROL: THE MOVIE follows the beloved pack as they fight to save the citizens of Adventure City from their rival, Humdinger.  With new headquarters, new gadgets and vehicles, and even a new pup named Liberty, the PAW Patrol is on a roll in an epic adventure that’s “funny, delightful, and heartfelt.” (Avi Offer, NYC Movie Guru).

The Digital* release of PAW PATROL: THE MOVIE features hours of entertainment with exclusive bonus content, including a look at the PAW-some team, additional news reports with reporter Marty Muckraker (Jimmy Kimmel), and a sing-along with a reimagined PAW Patrol theme song lyric video. Available with purchase only on participating digital platforms, see bonus television episodes from the wildly popular Nickelodeon series (produced by Spin Master Entertainment), including one never-before-seen episode, and a never-before-seen episode of “Blaze and the Monster Machines.”  Details on the bonus content are listed below.

PAW PATROL: THE MOVIE Digital Bonus Content

A Totally PAW-some Team— Join Chase on an off-leash adventure at the brand-new Adventure City headquarters and discover the pups' upgraded high-tech gadgets and vehicles!

ACN: Adventure City News Reports with Marty Muckraker— Become a citizen of Adventure City as you watch the exciting news reports by the city's #1 news source, gossip columnist, and beat reporter all rolled into one…Marty Muckraker!

PAW Patrol: The Movie Lyric Video (Reimagined Theme) – Whether you have four legs or two, howl along with the PAW Patrol gang in this fun and goofy lyric video! An all-new reimagined theme song! (English Only)

PAW Patrol Bonus Episodes

Pups and Katie Stop the Barking Kitty Crew!

Pups vs. a Neon Humdinger

Pups Stop an Xtreme Shark –Never-Before-Seen!

Blaze and the Monster Machines Bonus Episode

The Great Pizza Race—Never-Before-Seen! 

PAW PATROL: THE MOVIE Blu-ray Bonus Content

A Totally PAW-some Team

ACN: Adventure City News Reports with Marty Muckraker

PAW Patrol: The Movie Lyric Video (Reimagined Theme) – English Only


The PAW Patrol is on a roll…in their first big-screen adventure! When their rival, Humdinger, becomes Mayor of nearby Adventure City and starts wreaking havoc, Ryder and the heroic pups kick into high gear to face the most challenging mission of their PAW Patrol careers. Along the way, the team finds help from a new ally, the savvy dachshund Liberty, and together the PAW Patrol fights to save the citizens of Adventure City! Can the PAW Patrol save the city before it's too late? After all, no city's too big, no pup's too small!

Win It!

One person will win PAW Patrol: The Movie on Blu-ray.

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